HTML5 – What’s all the noise about?

Courtesy of TechNippon (

HTML5, although still in progress, is a further step into providing an interactive web experience across all devices including phones and tablets. To date static HTML sites have been enhanced using plug-ins to improve the interactive 2D elements, these clunky and often limiting elements were soon surpassed by Flash and the likes of Microsoft Silverlight. However Flash does not work on the likes of iPhones or Symbians – so along comes HTML5, allowing streaming and interactive elements on all devices.

HTML5 is the latest upgrade of the HTML standard and by incorporating APIs to native HTML it gives a site the same abilities as Flash. Although a work in progress HTML5 shows impressive capabilities and potential, with increased connection speed to handheld devices, greater streaming and games on web platforms HTML5 is well positioned as a programming language to accomodate the insatiable demand of the digital generation.

For more information see this HTML5 article from TechNippon (2010) –

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