Facebook Messaging

Courtesy of: http://www.gunnarekeberg.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Mark-Zuckerberg.jpg

Zuckerberg’s press conference to excitedly inform the world of the new Facebook Messaging coming our way has created a lot of buzz, unsurprisingly. The ‘kill gmail’ band-wagon, wherever it started, seemed a little unjustified, possibly got to a better solution quicker than Google might be more accurate.

With the plethora of communication we send out online and receive it makes sense to have this from a single platform, in this case Facebook. The aggregation of information is from IM, text, email and FB messages (at the moment). In addition Zuckerberg is stating that this messaging service provides the ultimate in spam and message filtering, it will be interesting to see this in action – are we getting to a point where messages once deemed normal e-marketing will be filtered out based on insight from our online behaviour?

This does make me think whether Facebook is turning into the new Microsoft – covering all web avenues to control a monopoly – where does Facebook want to be in 10, 20 even 50 years? Despite these thoughts, it is a pleasure to watch an e-business continually innovate its way forward and not fall into the myopic trap of other once successful dot.coms.

For further information please see Adam Gabbat and Charles Arthur’s article (15.11.10) – http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/nov/15/facebook-mail-gmail-killer-email

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