Cybernetics – An open discussion leading to my dissertation

  Cybernetics immediately brings up the work of Weiner – control and communication in the animal and the machine. When I first read Cyburbia I was enthralled by the concept of feedback loops and what this could and does do, conciously or not, to the way people behave online between each other and between consumers and businesses.

My initial forray into this world shows how the cybernetic theory is considered in terms of biology, robotics and social systems however there is less information on the concept of cybernetics and how it shapes or/and influences human behaviour from online interactions. Taking this into consideration and that I am foremost a business woman not a scientist so I need to look specifically at how cybernetics in terms of mobile technology can and does influence consumer behaviour – is there a way that this concept can be leveraged to improve purchase behaviour.

Some key resources include:

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