MSc Update

Having not posted for a while due to the Christmas break and the subsequent exam preparation I thought that an update post would be suitable.

Apart from the new arrival of a Macbook Pro which is hugely exciting (!/photo.php?fbid=1826061889896&set=a.1389397013547.57340.1190738693) I have started in earnest my research for my dissertation. The exact question is yet to be determined but it is exploring the concept of cybernetics in mobile technology and how this will / may influence e-business and consumer behaviour.

The Digital Marketing module is completed with the report being handed in on the 25th January. The presentation went well considering it was the first presentation we have had to give it was a good start and gave us a good framework from which to build on.

Marcom and Media Management is also completed with report submitted and presentation given – this was superb fun and very intensive. We had a very dynamic group that brought together some really strong skills which we used to produce a highly visual presentation. I was surprised at how many hours this project took up, however I am pleased at how this was managed as nothing else suffered despite some restless sleeps.

Data Driven Marketing is still ongoing with a report due beginning of February however the exam was the biggest challenge for me to date. With lectures not finishing till the week before the exam and the lecture times being changed at the last minute so I had to miss one due to other commitments – it wasn’t just revision it was learning and revision that I had to go through. I clearly set aside all other activity between Christmas and New Year to focus on the exams and that dedicated time ensured that I was comfortable (as comfortable as you can be) in the exam.

The Consumer Insight was good and considerably easier than Data Driven Marketing as we had plenty of time to prepare and do additional reading. I won’t go quite as far as saying that it was fun doing the exam but it wasn’t unenjoyable.

We know move into Semester 2 with Strategic Marketing, Intelligent Information Systems and Web Analytics – the books are beginning to arrive and the folders being prepared for the next stage.

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