Social Media Week London, Brass Agency on Ribena

Brass Agency ( is a full service marketing agency who has digital at its heart, incorporating ‘LIVE’ their social media offering. I was very impressed by their approach to digital campaigns which is the first time I have seen an industry presentation that demonstrates a practice under-pinned by academic theories that I am living and breathing on the MSc. This very much brought it to life and showed that a disciplined approach that is under-pinned with theories (adapted as necessary) leads to real-world success.

Again the importance of understanding online emotional clusters was key to their success – this ties into the techno-graphic segmentation method. Influencers are realised by building a brand that is emphatic that is made visible, engages and stimulates. Empathy is a key term here it is not them and us online all are on a level playing field, it also comes into play when reactive publishing (vs. pro-active) is necessary this is part of a process of emphatic learning.

The way the company mapped the online environment showed not only touchpoints but looked at the platforms in terms of being earned, bought or owned. This gave another viewpoint on how best to maximise online platforms from a financial (cost vs. benefit) perspective. In addition this exercise helped define content, not just in terms of subject matter but also in terms of evolution of content creating a story.

Paul Mallet (Managing Partner) and Gill Anderson (Account Manager for Ribena) were the two presenters, in addition to the afore-mentioned  the following points were included:

  • Importane of metrics in delivering value and the importance of management information
  • Establishment of guidelines when working in regulated industries like financial services – importance of processes.
  • Words that work – Functional, emotive, provenance.
  • Building the campaign round a ‘real world’ event (trip to ribena farm) following some key steps: Recruit; Pre-excitement; Engage; Celebrate.
  • The importance of deep interaction – meaning where a response from recipients is received.
  • Incorporated a blogger engagement programme throughout the life of the campaign
  • Influence = visibility + empathy + advocacy + participation (links to recommended media spend)

This was a very interesting and valuable talk which very much inspired me to look at the overall process further and consider my career in terms of moving into regulated industries (namely financial services) based on my previous experience and the recognised need for digital skills combined with an understanding of the regulations.

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