Social Media Week, London – Business Blogging

I had the chance to go to London on Friday (11th Feb) to attend a couple of the Social Media Week (twitter: smwldn) events held across the city.

Business Blogging at TalkTalk Communications centre was a great way to get the grey matter moving in the morning. Although it re-iterated what was common understanding of the importance of blogging for business, but detailed best practice and gave examples. Andy Bargery (@andybargery) of Klaxon Marketing Agency ( highlighted five key words that can lead to successful blogging once clear objectives have been set:

  • Integration
  • Interaction (includes commenting on other blogs and RSS setup)
  • Amplify (need to shout about it, ping-o-matic, and share on LI, Twitter, FB etc)
  • Rich Content (it has to be of value)
  • Data Capture (it is interactive not just a push activity and can be leveraged to gather data and gain insight)

Lucy Payne (@lucypayne) who works for Pass It On (, as editor of Tech Blog she re-iterated what was taught to us in Consumer Insight about the importance of understanding emotional clusters to best leverage influencers to review your product (similar sytle as restaurant critics). An interesting ‘rule of thumb’ is to post at 11am, 1pm and 3pm which typically are the times people take a break and will look at their emails / updates – the use of Google Reader is ideal to identify when your target audience read blogs.

This was a very useful talk which re-iterated and expanded on existing knowledge, I still feel however that the primary important skill behind successful business blogging (provided you have content of value) is discipline to produce and publish on a regular basis.

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