Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportun...
Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web – Opportunity, Challenge, Responsibility (Photo credit: Fräulein Schiller)

One of my site visitors reminded me that I should be relying on my writing not just sharing other people’s content and to get cracking on my blog again, and I agree.

The blog to date has been a tool and a ‘penseive’ (to use Harry Potter terminology) throughout my MSc and dissertation research. However, now, it is time for re-invention.

Much has moved on in the last couple of years and I am due to start a new job with EDF Energy in March as their Web Portfolio and Innovation Manager. Am very excited about this opportunity as not only do I get to apply all my skills in web management but also innovate – be the maker of change not just the recipient of it. It’s not often someone at this stage in their career gets the chance to suggest digital propositions to one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK!

One reason for my terrible blog neglect is the all consuming job I took on last year with a financial services company in the City. On paper this was a senior management role with unlimited growth. In reality it was a small venture capital backed company with a glass ceiling in terms of career growth. The primary market were the unbanked, under-banked or unhappily banked, often the vulnerable in society. So when extensive cross-sell of credit products with high APR’s and non-customer centric drivers continued to pull the company into a position for buy-out. I had to consider how I wanted to spend my life – did I want to be on my deathbed looking back on my life going “…well I made money”! Or do I want to lie on my deathbed going “…look at the difference I made”!

Money is a necessity not an obsession – making positive change, delivering innovation and shaping industries and thinking is what inspires and drives. That is why I am no longer with my previous company, on the upside it gave me more experience and I learnt what really matters in life for me. So, now, I am greatly looking forward to the innovative world of EDF.

The other big professional development is that I have written an academic paper (based on my MSc research) that is being reviewed by the Journal of Business Strategy as I write. I have also completed a book on online recruitment. This pulls together all that I learnt in my MSc and my industry experience and is focussed on the research that I conducted for my dissertation.

The book will be available in April this year and for all members of my LinkedIn ‘Online Recruitment’ group there will be special offers when the book is released.

My blog is being re-invented to be a discussion about my job, my book, my academic work and anything else that interests me enough to start typing. As well as a continuation of high level discussions on anything digital or anything else that warrants a discussion.

So in a very brief nutshell that is where I am now, oh, the only other thing that is set for 2013 (apart from the new job, academic paper and book publishing) is that I am getting married!

2013 is set to be a very exciting year 🙂

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