Web Portfolio and Innovation Specialist at EDF

I have just completed my first week as EDF Energy‘s web portfolio and innovation specialist.What a revelation and what an opportunity. This is the first company I have worked for that pro-actively sets out to empower their employees through responsibility and self-action. Many companies I have worked in claim to take this innovative management approach, but often fall far short of the mark resulting in de-motivated and often a confused work force.

The hard work ethic and positive culture that sits in EDF enables a pro-active and creative environment that delivers. Importantly individuals are not operating in silo with frameworks for delivery, clear objectives and SMART aims. EDF is a living breathing example of the benefit of empowering employees through trust encouraging innovation and creativity.

One of the reasons I pursued a job in digital was the endless opportunities out there. Being a relatively young discipline and with more channels and methods than you can shake a stick at the chance to be pioneering is never far away. My short time at EDF has given me the opportunity to see some fantastic digital and marketing initiatives and, even more so, be part of the exciting innovations that are going on daily. Their recent launch of taking a photo of your meter with your mobile app is true customer-centric creativity in action.

You know you are on the right track when work no longer has negative connotations. But is a word that you associate with your life’s dreams, aspirations, passions and drive.


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