Why you need to keep a sense of humour…

Today is April Fool’s day which I completely forgot until I followed down the Google Nose path and soon became aware of the date!

This is a brilliant piece of customer engagement, social discussion / viral and brand re-enforcement. All just from having a sense of humour. The natural disposition of businesses is to veer away from potentially risky humour in any customer contact points. Everyone at some point socially has tried to be funny, be it a joke, a little quip or even a full story – and everyone has at some point met with silence or found themselves being the only one laughing. This is humiliating to the individual and results in them avoiding  humorous anecdotes for fear of repeating the same humiliation. The same thinking applies even more so to business.

However, as Google has shown today, a sense of humour makes a business human (and puts it in the top 3 most powerful brands in the world). People relate to people not companies and the more personable / human you make the company the more likely people will engage with and share their experience to others. Of course you will not please everyone and I’m sure there were a few people who sat their sniffing their computer screen on the Google Nose page feeling rather silly. The majority, though, will see the funny side and tell others (just like I’m doing here).

A company must have a character, a personality and this is represented by their brand not just their customer brand but also the employer brand (any company worth their salt will not be just looking for paying customers but will also be looking for top talent). The power of the brand can, in part, be quantified using NPS (net promoter scores). NPS are based on the likelihood of customers to recommend the product or service and their experience rating. The Satmetrix benchmark showed that the top brands also have the top net promoter scores, with Google leading the way in online services with a NPS of 56% (2012). This affirms that getting the brand’s character right positively impacts your bottom line.

So perk up, be chipper and find your funny 🙂



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