Online Recruitment: A New World

So I have written a book. In fact it was published (through the magic of print-on-demand) in February this year, so it’s about time I told you a bit about it.

Online Recruitment: A New World was a ‘by-product’ of the Masters and subsequent academic paper. Naively I thought I could  just pull the existing content into a book, however the reality of writing a book challenged me more than I thought. From changing the style, to creating a story to ensuring it was meaningful and relevant for the audience (not just an academic tome).

It all started over a coffee in London with Matt Alder when we found ourselves agreeing on the gap that has kept online recruitment as an after-thought not a fore-thought for too long. The book is a three-step journey from the philosophies behind online recruitment to delivering effective online recruitment in your business.
  • Part one reviews the philosophy of a positive candidate experience that turns, what appear to be, problems into opportunities.
  • Part two; the ecosystem mindset, introduces networks in context of a now, global, multi-device world.
  • Part three talks through the implementation of a Private Talent Network and casts an eye over the future of online recruitment.

The book is available on Amazon in print and as an ebook. There has been a good level of interest for such a niche book and still provides a resource that I dip into from time to time. For me the value from the book isn’t the money or my name in print (although that is quite cool), it was what it taught me in terms of perseverance, re-addressing my mindset and building confidence.

This is the first blog post of a few that will give an insight into the book and provide some food for thought. To get stuck in to the detail you can always pop over to Amazon for a copy.

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