Marketing Academy Scholarship 2015: Showcase

I recently applied for the Marketing Academy Scholarship which is a fantastic programme to support future leaders – part of which includes access to a huge range of mentors and training programmes.

The video was part of my application and was a very interesting challenge in it’s own right. Trying to distill you into a 2 minute showcase is easier said than done (particularly with only one week to do it after my nomination)! It really enabled me to focus and succinctly communicate why I do what I do and what my philosophies for work are. This pulled out 4i’s:

Improvement: Continually improving myself, ways of working and what I deliver as a result

Innovation: In every aspect look at innovative approaches, solutions and designs from business set-ups to a simple process

Inspiration: Being an inspiring leader not just a manager

Inclusion: Taking people with you on the journey, bringing in brighter, better, broader minds to really deliver change

Unfortunately I didn’t get through to the next stage of the application for the scholarship programme. Although disappointed, it is recognising that in this case I wasn’t what they were looking for. Interestingly it has actually acted as a driver to work harder and go and build those networks and opportunities myself. What I’ve learnt just from this application round has been worth it in its own right – it’s about giving it a go.

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