Showcasing – About Not Being British

The natural default for a British man or woman is to not shout about what they do or even showcase their work. This subtlety, although endearing, is not progressive in a globally competitive market-place. Our American cousins across the pond see showcasing as a positive and they have refined this (in most cases) artfully. Without realising it your American peer is the shining star while you end up a shrinking violet in the corner. Not because they are any better at what you do, but because they are better at telling the world their story.

I’ve been working on the BLOODHOUND Project for over 5 months and one of our key brand personalities is humility. We are humble about our achievement, we are humble about building the worlds fastest car, about running the first ever hybrid rocket system in a car, about pushing the boundaries of computational fluid dynamics, about having the UK’s largest STEM programme, about realising hundreds of millions of media value before even one wheel has turned.

The problem with this is we don’t get heard.

Now the time has come to demonstrate our humility by being heard. With the world debut of the car only a few days away we are putting on a high-profile media and VIP event to shout to the roof-tops why this is ‘an Apollo moment for the 21st century.

Showcasing is what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Being humble is not about not telling people about the work you are doing, it is about telling how you, the team and the British public have made this happen to inspire the next generation.

Now that is a compelling showcase.

Find out more about the BLOODHOUND Project.

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