What is digital-as-a-service?

When you search digital-as-a-service the Government Digital Service (GDS) comes up. This award-winning approach from within the public sector has shaken up the way the digital experience is thought about, designed and delivered.

For a customer digital services from shopping on Amazon to Google Calendar to renewing their tax disc is a service to enable them to complete a task or address a need. What differentiates digital services is their experience where we come back to the Government Digital Service.

A ten click process where you enter personal information, set passwords, confirm by email to just purchase a pot-plant is not the an experience you want therefore not the service that’s being provided. Amazon’s one-click purchase delivers the service for the customer to have an optimum experience – fast, reliable and simple.

The Government Digital Service recognised that customers aren’t looking for a shiny shop-front with glitter balls, music and a dance troupe when they renew their car tax. They just need to tick this chore off the list. GDS have focussed on site taxonomy making it easy to get to, simple forms, making it easy to complete and quick confirmation to re-assure.

So digital-as-a-service is in part delivering to end users a service to have an optimum experience.

So what else is digital-as-a-service?

Software-as-a-service is commonly recognised as a way of having a secure cloud-hosted software solution to use and access across a business. Digital-as-a-service works on a similar premise, providing a secure cloud-hosted digital solution to use and access across a business. Software is a program or operating system (so is locally installed), where-as digital refers to a service accessible on the internet via the web.

So the second part of digital-as-a-service is providing a cloud hosted global service via the web.

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