Lobot – Cloud City – Internet of Things (Yes there is a link)

When sci-fi becomes reality…

With Star Wars set to grace our screens again it didn’t feel right not to find some tenuous, or not so tenuous, link to the world of digital in 2015.

Lobot, a one man command centre for Cloud City, spoke little but the permanent headphones was a direct link to the central computer system for Cloud City. Allowing him to control everything from shipments to security to infrastructure and more – hence him not being the chattiest bloke in the room.

The Internet of Things – so excitedly bandied around by futurists and tech columnists for the past few months (a logical step from the poor descriptions of big data before that) is, in an advanced form, exactly what Lobot was doing on Cloud City.

Through a single interface (or in his case a set of headphones wired into his neural network) his environment could be monitored, actions could be taken, communication could be made. In our most simplest form the In-Home-Display-Unit (also known as an IHD) shows a typically 80’s interface with a few graphs of your energy usage in real-time. Yes this may be the MS-DOS of IoT and a long way from Lobot but this is a first step.

Another interesting link with Lobot is the Cloud. Although I’d like to think that the term Cloud computing was inspired by Star Wars it actually originated as a concept back in the 1960’s and the phrase is from the cloud symbol used by flow charts to symbolize the Internet. If Lobot was reliant upon multiple local servers Cloud City may not be the seamless flow of architecture it was intended to be. Indeed, Cloud computing is an enabler for the Internet of Things, speed and access being critical to a truly integrated digital life.

The cyborg isn’t such a far-fetched idea now!


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