New Years Resolutions: Going into the Detail

I’m not a New Years Resolution sort of girl. Mainly because I don’t differentiate one time period from another in terms of achieving my goals and doing what I enjoy. It is a continuous programme of activity. However, 2016 has been different.

I recently saw Paul Bennett’s TED talk; Design is in the detail. Challenging us to be more observational and look in from the edges. Getting to really understand someone’s day-to-day experience of life.

Although focussed towards our UX, CX professionals I took this insight into my own way of living. Looking at my plans and diary I thought how on earth am I going to get the time to do more creative activity. What about squeezing in my desire to make, build and create with my hands? I was heading toward the plight of those who set resolutions that they can’t see through. Adding more on was not a SMART way of setting a goal.

So I observed my day-to-day life to find something that I normally do and enjoy; Cooking. I cook almost everyday. So I decided to start really looking into the detail of cooking. Learning the classics, turning the Monday meal into an experiment and even having fun with plate presentation!

This way I wasn’t adding more onto an already busy schedule. I was maximising what I already do and turned it into my creative outlet, allowing me to build something. I can tell you some of the creations have been a great success, others not so much so! At the same time it has also turned evening meals into more of an event, making it enjoyable for those around me as well.

I looked into my life from the edges and found a new way of doing a day-to-day activity.

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