The Lobster Story

Lobsters grow, but their shells don’t. So when a lobster grows it is in discomfort, struggling in the shell that it has. When it can’t take the discomfort any more, it will then go under cover to shed the shell. Allowing it to re-grow a shell that is more suitable for its size.

This tale is the same analogy as the big fish in the small pond, but pulls out a key factor not included in the fish-pond story. That of discomfort being a sign of growth.

As my company, SBW Consultancy, grows I am reaching a good problem to have:

  1. Stop taking on clients and be a freelancer
  2. Shift to being a business with a team providing services

This challenge is providing a good level of discomfort. Simply this means it is time to shed the shell I’ve got and grow into a bigger shell, and get out of the fish-pond and into the ocean.

What I’m learning is that discomfort means change and change, in this context, means growth. I am looking forward to my new shell!

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