Time to grow

My company, SBW Consultancy designs strategies, builds partnerships and develops value propositions. What is unique is that our client base is primarily inspiration programmes like the BLOODHOUND programme and fast-growth start-ups like Payfriendz.

This has enabled the business to refine and iterate it’s services and importantly it’s way of working with clients.

What has happened to SBW Consultancy as result? It is growing, and growing fast. I read an article in Fundera about the 10 indicators that you are ready to grow – I can tick the box on five.

  1. You have a loyal customer base.
  2. Customers are asking you to grow.
  3. Your industry and/or market is growing.
  4. You have more business than you can currently handle.
  5. You see a need for related products or services.

Before I press all the buttons I am taking a step-back. At key decision points I always step out and look at it from the outside. The process I am going through is to ensure I can articulate a number of criteria both personally and for the business.

Personal Assessment:

  1. My Values
  2. My Vision
  3. My Drivers
  4. My Lifestyle Choices
  5. My Capabilities and Development

Business Assessment:

  1. Business values and visions
  2. Business market and brand positioning
  3. Robust strategy (incl. growth)
  4. Services and products now and tomorrow
  5. Client base now and tomorrow
  6. Financing
  7. Resourcing
  8. The tangibles (office, location etc)
  9. Risks

Fundamentally the core questions I’m answering are:

“Am I doing what I love?”
“Is my work making a positive difference?”

Why wait you say? Because I am building for success  I need to be clear on the vision and therefore the direction that I take SBW Consultancy next.

In the words of the 4th Earl of Chesterfield in a letter to his son (obtuse I know):

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”


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