Lesson 6: Applied Learning is a Three-Sided Triangle

I spend a lot of time learning, we all do, consciously or not. Working across industries in different fields requires rapid learning that sticks. We all have our recall methods from shutting our eyes and mentally going through our filing cabinets (Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes mind palace style) to triggers, visuals etc. However, it can be very frustrating when you can’t recall something (particularly in the middle of a meeting) and this does happen to all of us to varying degrees.

During an intense new environment learning process, i.e. new job or industry, this recall becomes critical and due to the bombardment of new information often harder. My most recent experience of this was learning about rockets whilst setting up a business. I kept finding that I couldn’t recall some key terms or reference sources despite having the narrative and theory in place.

Then I realised I was acting as an incomplete triangle. I was processing information in a very task orientated way (see lesson 4) I was processing information to realise the output of completion, but I wasn’t assimilating the information. I wasn’t taking the time to really understand and absorb which meant I couldn’t apply the learning. You need all three sides for a complete triangle of applied learning.

Applied Learning Triangle, learn, assimilate, apply

The challenge was how do I do this with so little time, I couldn’t start repeating it for hours on end I didn’t have the time. So, I took a different approach to each critical piece of information I received I paused for no more than a second and repeated the information in my head with clarity and then moved on. This tiny pause has increased recall and therefore the application of the information on a day-to-day basis.

Yet another example of taking the time to do something right and with meaning the ‘Role of Slow’.

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