Britney – The Full Package

So Britney just kicked off her UK tour at Brighton Pride this weekend. Whilst trying to secure some foothold of space in the packed crowds and peering between shoulders I realised that this pop icon is the full package and it’s not necessarily because of the understood product she is selling.

At her roots she is a singer and a dancer, but, unlike most marketing campaigns, she isn’t selling her singing or dancing but is selling entertainment, escapism, aspiration even a bit of nostalgia. When you look closer it is almost algorithmic in its success.

  1. The Market: You’re tapping into a market that has cash fluidity who grew up with Britney’s sugar pop in their college years. Nothing like a bit of common nostalgia to get initial interest.
  2. The Product: The songs are refined, studied and modified by huge teams to ensure it taps into the toe-tapping, emotive response that personally engages with the market (even if they are unaware of it). Pop manufactured or not sells – there is a formula to it.
  3. The Reason To: She is a performer. There is no doubt she works incredibly hard the perfect choreography, visual, audio and timing made it one of the slickest performances I’ve ever seen. And that is important, any breaking of the fourth wall can snap the crowds out of the emotively driven haze or/and nostalgic feelings. In addition, showing us that she’s worth the ticket and more importantly her fans are worth the effort. A great demonstration of empathy in marketing.
  4. Getting it Right: It’s a team effort. Critically successful market engagement and penetration is very rarely one charismatic individual (those though help) it is a team of experts that sit behind every decision.
  5. Making it Human: Finally, she has the perfect human story. A girl plucked from nowhere becomes an overnight start (great princess style storyline (thank’s again Disney for that misaligned dystopia)). What connects, even more, is the crash she experienced in a very public sphere and how she overcame that to where she is now –  a fantastic mother, performer and businesswoman – a classic hero story.

Maybe our brands should be a bit more of the Britney as we know her today.


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