Defining My Success

I along with many others have used the word success liberally without attaching an understanding to what that actually means. When someone asks, what does success look like, the standard response is attaching a financial or status statement to the word success. But where does that come from?


Poetry, art, music, all tell the story of an authentic self that doesn’t hold to money, fame or status. It tells of stories that see the hero/heroine taking a journey to find true self and settling into their version of a success story (which is rarely attached to money or status). So why do we still strive to the social and cultural constructs of fame, status and money?


True success is totally subjective. It could mean a home, a good job, time for a hobby, family or perfecting that stamp collection that sits on the top shelf for years.


For me, success is living a full life, true to myself, working on extraordinary projects that make a positive change for people. Having balance where I can enjoy the simple things and look forward to the great adventures around the corner.


I urge us all to stop chasing what society and cultures inter-subjectively determines for us, and for us to determine it for ourselves.

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