Managing Your Response

Although a great benefit at times, putting everything into your work can result in you getting a) burnt out and b) overly emotionally attached. When this happens, it is like lowering your immunity, challenges and difficulties can hit you harder than it should. So, the balance is how do you manage this without becoming detached, without losing that drive that comes from caring about what you do?


I don’t know the answer. But I do know how I try to manage it, having been hit hard in the past. Firstly rest. If you try to push through, work harder or longer to try to prove/address the challenge you are perpetuating the problem of reducing your immunity. Resting, taking a step out also brings back the key thing – perspective.


It’s the same as when you get caught in a rip off the shoreline, this happened to me once, I was told whatever I do don’t panic. When you come to the surface and see the shoreline rapidly disappearing away from you the first thing you are tempted to do is panic. Don’t, that’s when you start floundering ultimately losing energy and letting the situation take control of you. You need to step-out (metaphorically) of the situation, assess where you are and where you are going so understanding where the rip is – get perspective. Then swim across the rip to ‘calm’ waters where you can make your way back to the shore.


Perspective is the first thing that goes when you are tired and under difficult or challenging situations and it is the most important thing to retain in exactly that situation.


I have seen many people get caught up in the rip, burning out, getting angry, upset and frustrated. It is an unspoken corporate by-product (unmentioned because people fear that there’ll appear weak) – it is a natural homo-sapiens response, but you can override it if you just give yourself the chance to take a step-out and get perspective by looking back in.

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