Lessons Learnt 4: Focus

Multi-tasking is the worst positive lie out there So, let’s clear up one thing here first and foremost – stop the gender stereotyping! Because either way multi-tasking can be a dangerous hobby. This is coming from someone who prided themselves on being able to be on the phone, cooking dinner, listening to an audio business... Continue Reading →


Lessons Learnt 3: Accountability

Not just something for the CV OK, so this really challenges us. I always thought I was accountable, I was very pro-active, I picked up loose ends and was happy to stand up at the end and take it. Yeah, of course, we all do, until it happens. When it really comes to the crunch... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learnt 2: Listening

Basically, the ability to communicate There are very few people I like to listen to. True raconteurs are a rare thing. Some of the greatest stories have been the dullest, the lady who got on a fast bus, the skier who missed the pole – but I was enraptured. But enough about the orators this... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learnt 1: Communication

Throughout my working career, I learn every day. This is the first in a series of lessons learnt that I have jotted down over time that has helped my performance and act as useful reminders. Why don’t they teach this in schools? The biggest challenge we face is the ability to communicate. This basic of... Continue Reading →

Drunk Tank Pink

DRUNK TANK PINK (n) : A bubblegum-pink color; in the early 1980s, psychologists daubed jail cells with drunk tank pink paint and discovered that the color calmed aggressive prisoners.  Soon, enterprising football coaches began painting their visitors’ locker rooms with the same shade, hoping to pacify their opponents.  Buses painted their seats pink and discovered... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Extraordinary Projects this Month

Extraordinary projects are fascinating. They can inspire, achieve, break barriers, break people and we are all drawn to them. I have the privilege of working on two extraordinary projects at the moment; The Bloodhound Programme and LENA Space. SuperSonic cars and rocketry. This doesn't stop me enjoying and marvelling at extraordinary projects and here is a... Continue Reading →

Sponsorship is Dead, Long Live Sponsorship

Having worked on the Bloodhound Programme as Marketing and Partnership Director I've been at the cutting edge of high risk, moment based marketing. Unlike endeavours that fall out of corporate or commercial R&D exercises, this property was built on the classic sponsorship model. However, the closer you look the more you realise sponsorship is dead.

“Queen of the Curve”: 18 Influential Works by Zaha Hadid

When Zaha Hadid passed away in March 2016, she left the world of architecture with an irreplaceable legacy. As the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize (2004), she was described by the Guardian of London as the "Queen of the curve" who "liberated architectural geometry, giving it a whole new expressive identity."

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The Role of Slow

We are constantly told to slow down, that slowing down enables us to perform better. Yet conversely we are continually told to speed up - be more productive - drive yourself, become optimised. Work hard to be successful. Take Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow, or articles from Harvard Business Review citing their study into... Continue Reading →

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