PrimarySpace: The Importance of STEM Outreach

On the 12th September PrimarySpace launched their first event to engage primary school students in STEM and space. Hosted at the University of Sussex this 1-day event saw 750 Year 5's and Year 2's get the opportunity to see the Mars Rover (Airbus) in action, understand how Reaction Engines are building an air augmented rocket... Continue Reading →


Live and Die by the Technology (Quite Literally)

My work gives me the opportunity to work with fantastic technology companies from apps and enterprise software developers to advanced engineering firms in aerospace, automotive and more. My role is to bring ideas to life, to take products to market and the focus is on addressing a challenge/need. Working (typically) on a cost-driven model, that... Continue Reading →

Britney – The Full Package

So Britney just kicked off her UK tour at Brighton Pride this weekend. Whilst trying to secure some foothold of space in the packed crowds and peering between shoulders I realised that this pop icon is the full package and it's not necessarily because of the understood product she is selling. At her roots she... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendation: The Silk Roads

I read as much as I can, from audiobooks to classically curling up to a good paper page turner. I am mostly a non-fiction reader and the main reason I read is to give me different perspectives and to teach me to broaden my knowledge, perceptions and generate ideas. I finished The Silk Roads, A... Continue Reading →

Recognising Your Role

There are plenty of articles out there about recognising when to move on from a role or a company. Identifying when you are in a cul-de-sac and when you are on a dead-end street. However, there is another angle here which isn't driven by external limitations (looking out) actual or perceived and this is looking... Continue Reading →

Back to School – Your Narrative

I recently had an interview with a headhunting agency and I was confident in my narrative which took me to the start of my career 17 years ago. However, I was not prepared for their request: "OK, so could you take us through your background to bring us up to speed on how you got... Continue Reading →

Delivering an Experience

About three years ago I had a fascinating conversation with a friend. Dropping the word brand and using the word experience. I was fighting for the former noting the latter was / should be an outcome of the former, but it did get me thinking about the experience. One common thing among all humans is... Continue Reading →

Setting the Culture from the Start

Defining the culture of a company from the start is part of a founder's normal daydreams. Images of happy, dedicated staff who see the company as part of their family but without the emotional baggage. This may even be visual with bean bags, art, ping-pong tables and what sort of socials and how often forming... Continue Reading →

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