Marketing Academy Scholarship 2015: Showcase

I recently applied for the Marketing Academy Scholarship which is a fantastic programme to support future leaders - part of which includes access to a huge range of mentors and training programmes. The video was part of my application and was a very interesting challenge in it's own right. Trying to distill you into a... Continue Reading →


Investing in People – I mean really investing in people

I have worked for a range of companies from start-ups, venture capital firms, public bodies, manufacturing firms, educational institutions, financial service organisations and more, all of which claim to have the needs of their employees at their heart. However what is said and what a small stamp proudly paraded on a website is in comparison... Continue Reading →

Web Portfolio and Innovation Specialist at EDF

I have just completed my first week as EDF Energy's web portfolio and innovation specialist.What a revelation and what an opportunity. This is the first company I have worked for that pro-actively sets out to empower their employees through responsibility and self-action. Many companies I have worked in claim to take this innovative management approach,... Continue Reading →


One of my site visitors reminded me that I should be relying on my writing not just sharing other people's content and to get cracking on my blog again, and I agree. The blog to date has been a tool and a 'penseive' (to use Harry Potter terminology) throughout my MSc and dissertation research. However,... Continue Reading →

Coming to the End

It's been a while since my last post - which is slightly surprising when you consider I have spent most of the Summer staring at a computer. The reason for this blog neglect is that I have been doing my dissertation: "What do FTSE100 companies do to leverage the network of the web for personnel... Continue Reading →

Final Lectures

Have entered Semester 2 and the final 5 weeks of lecture for my MSc in Digital Marketing. Have to say I was surprised that lectures ended so soon, however it does give more time for dissertation focus. What this means today is that it is very intensive with 4 days of lectures and every other... Continue Reading →

Starting the MSc

With one week to go before I start my MSc, apart from this blog, I am gradually preparing myself to return to 'student-hood'.  Already it has been a fascinating insight into how educational institutions work and what I can expect as a mature student. As part of my masters in Digital Marketing I am going... Continue Reading →

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