Sponsorship is Dead, Long Live Sponsorship

Having worked on the Bloodhound Programme as Marketing and Partnership Director I've been at the cutting edge of high risk, moment based marketing. Unlike endeavours that fall out of corporate or commercial R&D exercises, this property was built on the classic sponsorship model. However, the closer you look the more you realise sponsorship is dead.

The Battle for London: Uber vs. TFL

On the 30th September Uber launched a petition asking TFL to reject proposals to crack-down on the service. This is a fascinating battle-ground; innovative services disrupting the market-place vs. (perceived) risk of Uber monopolising and removing a competitive market-place. Let's look back at the great disruptions of industry that have transformed how we live and what we... Continue Reading →

Connected – Market Noise

Smart tech, connected homes, internet-of-things (IoT) is buzzing around in such quantity at the moment. The noise is tremendous, however I do question if we are just doing and not thinking. Are we at risk of flooding the market with products and services that clutter the middle range, reducing cut-through, increasing the gap between brand... Continue Reading →

300 Seconds Talk

On the 18th March I got to do my first public talk on digital (not for work related activities). 300 Seconds is a series of events for the digital community - in this case Brighton - primarily focussed on Women in Digital and encouraging girls to get up and talk. Rather than focus on a... Continue Reading →

Persuasive Design

A Discussion Persuasive design, is not an art - although it might ultimately produce something artistic it is very much about science - in particular the science of humans. The image is picture of random notes I took from a persuasive design session and I wanted to call out some of the key elements that... Continue Reading →

CERN Matters

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research is a light for the rest of us. I am not talking just about it's ultimate goal of understanding the beginning of the universe, I'm talking about a way of thinking, a way of working, a way of really leading change and innovation. The same applies to NASA,... Continue Reading →

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