CERN Matters

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research is a light for the rest of us. I am not talking just about it's ultimate goal of understanding the beginning of the universe, I'm talking about a way of thinking, a way of working, a way of really leading change and innovation. The same applies to NASA,... Continue Reading →


Online Recruitment: A New World: Final Points

This is the final blog giving a glimpse into Online Recruitment: A New World. Personally, the book has given me more than I could have set out to achieve. From confidence to being able to not just have a vision but to communicate it. What I have found interesting about doing this post is that these... Continue Reading →

Online Recruitment: A New World

So I have written a book. In fact it was published (through the magic of print-on-demand) in February this year, so it's about time I told you a bit about it. Online Recruitment: A New World was a 'by-product' of the Masters and subsequent academic paper. Naively I thought I could  just pull the existing... Continue Reading →

Where are your principles?

When defining a digital proposition you start with the question or the problem. Then come the objectives, KPI's, rationale, casing and research ready to start scoping and design. However, it hasn't been till this year that as part of this framework, I have made digital principles (more than just 'follow the design guidelines from Brand')... Continue Reading →

Telling a Story

My manager came up to me earlier in the year and said: "You're missing something." "Am I" Pause and raised eyebrow. "I've got management courses, soft skills, financial acumen, international experience on personal development, what am I missing?" "Storytelling." I am very lucky to have a manager that knows that being good at your job... Continue Reading →

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