Online Recruitment: A New World: Final Points

This is the final blog giving a glimpse into Online Recruitment: A New World. Personally, the book has given me more than I could have set out to achieve. From confidence to being able to not just have a vision but to communicate it. What I have found interesting about doing this post is that these... Continue Reading →

Online Recruitment: A New World: Part 3

This post is an overview of Part 3: The Implementation, Chapters 9 to 11 from Online Recruitment: A New World. As we continue to highlight the depth and breadth of online recruitment. It would be great to hear your comments and if you’d like me to write a post about any particular area in more depth let... Continue Reading →

Online Recruitment: A New World

So I have written a book. In fact it was published (through the magic of print-on-demand) in February this year, so it's about time I told you a bit about it. Online Recruitment: A New World was a 'by-product' of the Masters and subsequent academic paper. Naively I thought I could  just pull the existing... Continue Reading →

Where are your principles?

When defining a digital proposition you start with the question or the problem. Then come the objectives, KPI's, rationale, casing and research ready to start scoping and design. However, it hasn't been till this year that as part of this framework, I have made digital principles (more than just 'follow the design guidelines from Brand')... Continue Reading →

Telling a Story

My manager came up to me earlier in the year and said: "You're missing something." "Am I" Pause and raised eyebrow. "I've got management courses, soft skills, financial acumen, international experience on personal development, what am I missing?" "Storytelling." I am very lucky to have a manager that knows that being good at your job... Continue Reading →

Cross Industry Thinking

When did our industry, our office, our department or even our team become the one voice of truth? When did we decide that we were the only people who really knew what our customers wanted from their digital experience? Well from what I have seen repeated like a broken record is that this has always... Continue Reading →

Singing off the Same Hymn Sheet

This has come up in conversation so many times in my career and I feel warrants some airing online. The number of companies who are built on a patchwork of technical solutions, where it is not uncommon to find one employee working on one system and another employee down the hall on another. This is... Continue Reading →

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