The Challenges and Considerations of Extraordinary Programmes

I had the privilege of working on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car Programme from 2015 to 2017. At the end of last year, we saw the announcement that the project was going into administration, followed a mere 10 days later with an article on the BBC saying the project was saved. It has been a roller-coaster... Continue Reading →

Perfection and Myopia – Unlikely Bedfellows

I am a huge advocate that if you do something do it properly. However, doing something with the ambition of perfection can adversely result in something not being done properly. Having come from a digital background, applications are delivered in line with Pareto’s 80:20 rule, recognising that we may not know what is perfect for... Continue Reading →

System Integration to Creation

The UK is a very good service industry, from corner shops to financial services. However, what we are also very good at is inventing - so why are we not seeing a boom of inventors taking their product to market? Don't get me wrong this is happening, but not enough. We live in an accessible... Continue Reading →

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