PrimarySpace: The Importance of STEM Outreach

On the 12th September PrimarySpace launched their first event to engage primary school students in STEM and space. Hosted at the University of Sussex this 1-day event saw 750 Year 5's and Year 2's get the opportunity to see the Mars Rover (Airbus) in action, understand how Reaction Engines are building an air augmented rocket... Continue Reading →


Delivering an Experience

About three years ago I had a fascinating conversation with a friend. Dropping the word brand and using the word experience. I was fighting for the former noting the latter was / should be an outcome of the former, but it did get me thinking about the experience. One common thing among all humans is... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Extraordinary Projects this Month

Extraordinary projects are fascinating. They can inspire, achieve, break barriers, break people and we are all drawn to them. I have the privilege of working on two extraordinary projects at the moment; The Bloodhound Programme and LENA Space. SuperSonic cars and rocketry. This doesn't stop me enjoying and marvelling at extraordinary projects and here is a... Continue Reading →

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