The Art of Quitting: A Cultural & Value Challenge

The Dip by Seth Godin, simply explained that there are times to quit and there are times to stick. The challenge is knowing the difference.


Culture of Code

In 2009 Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, made public a 124 slide deck of the values behind Netflix.

Showcasing – About Not Being British

The natural default for a British man or woman is to not shout about what they do or even showcase their work. This subtlety, although endearing, is not progressive in a globally competitive market-place. Our American cousins across the pond see showcasing as a positive and they have refined this (in most cases) artfully. Without... Continue Reading →

CERN Matters

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research is a light for the rest of us. I am not talking just about it's ultimate goal of understanding the beginning of the universe, I'm talking about a way of thinking, a way of working, a way of really leading change and innovation. The same applies to NASA,... Continue Reading →

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