Coming to the End

It's been a while since my last post - which is slightly surprising when you consider I have spent most of the Summer staring at a computer. The reason for this blog neglect is that I have been doing my dissertation: "What do FTSE100 companies do to leverage the network of the web for personnel... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Social Life of Information

What a joy to read an articulate book written by academics that isn't laden with acronyms, big words and pomp. John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid put together an eloquent discussion about the social life of information, re-iterating the importance of societal issues in the management of information which is often overlooked by infocentrics. This... Continue Reading →

Final Lectures

Have entered Semester 2 and the final 5 weeks of lecture for my MSc in Digital Marketing. Have to say I was surprised that lectures ended so soon, however it does give more time for dissertation focus. What this means today is that it is very intensive with 4 days of lectures and every other... Continue Reading →

Mobile and Human Behaviour – Dissertation Research

Some interesting research into mobile technology and how it impacts more than just our phone bills, brought up the following insightful videos on TED: Jan Chipchase on our mobile phones: Fabian Hemmer the Shape Shifting Future of the Mobile Phone: Gary Wolf - The Quantified Self:

Network Effects Online

Metcalfe's law where the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of other networks is a key theory that demonstrates the network effect. Online this model is still applicable as it was for AT&T and the fax machine, however the network effect online brings in another dimension - social and... Continue Reading →

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