Fans are fickle: How to inspire loyalty after the “like” –

"Loyalty on Facebook is not a given - how to turn like into love - key tips, article from imediaconnection" What got your Facebook fans to like you probably isn't what it will take to keep them coming back. Use these 15 pointers to help build more productive, enduring social relationships. View >>


Key Themes in Marketing

This was a recent assignment to detail what key themes in Marketing we have focussed on so far in our Digital Marketing Masters. The journey of marketing to current day shows a shift from the customer driven approach of the 1950’s (Webster 1992) to customer-centricity (Levitt 1960a). Key themes like definitions, data and relationships are... Continue Reading →

My Study Network

I have spent some time pulling together my network and method of study to ensure that I am consistent moving forward. As part of this I have built a basic Network map - this shows my network of people, places and resources that can support me in my study. This can include a cup of... Continue Reading →

Thinking out of the web-box

I have been avidly building up a network of resources and support centres ready for when we really launch into study next week. As part of this, unsurprisingly, I have come across some superb content this Viral Ad really does think out of the box (in this case out of the webpage boxes) - had... Continue Reading →

First Essay – Done!

We had our first essay this week mainly to assess our English writing standards, however for me it was a really useful exercise to familiarise myself not only with the process but also the style of academic writing. I found that reading just one article led onto another, then another and then another - that... Continue Reading →

Induction Day

Induction at the University today, brilliant set up and although today was very much going through the motions it was great to get that insight into Uni life. Having never been to University I expect one area I will really need to work on is academic writing - although I have been writing business proposals,... Continue Reading →

Starting the MSc

With one week to go before I start my MSc, apart from this blog, I am gradually preparing myself to return to 'student-hood'.  Already it has been a fascinating insight into how educational institutions work and what I can expect as a mature student. As part of my masters in Digital Marketing I am going... Continue Reading →

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