Britney – The Full Package

So Britney just kicked off her UK tour at Brighton Pride this weekend. Whilst trying to secure some foothold of space in the packed crowds and peering between shoulders I realised that this pop icon is the full package and it's not necessarily because of the understood product she is selling. At her roots she... Continue Reading →

Delivering an Experience

About three years ago I had a fascinating conversation with a friend. Dropping the word brand and using the word experience. I was fighting for the former noting the latter was / should be an outcome of the former, but it did get me thinking about the experience. One common thing among all humans is... Continue Reading →

Why you need to keep a sense of humour…

Today is April Fool's day which I completely forgot until I followed down the Google Nose path and soon became aware of the date! This is a brilliant piece of customer engagement, social discussion / viral and brand re-enforcement. All just from having a sense of humour. The natural disposition of businesses is to veer... Continue Reading →

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