Anyone Can Print

I come from the digital sector and now work in advanced engineering. We are on the cusp of a new frontier and what we've seen in the past 35 years in digital is starting to happen with engineering. Back in the early noughties, the internet was accessible. In the 80's the internet were rooms dedicated... Continue Reading →


Sponsorship is Dead, Long Live Sponsorship

Having worked on the Bloodhound Programme as Marketing and Partnership Director I've been at the cutting edge of high risk, moment based marketing. Unlike endeavours that fall out of corporate or commercial R&D exercises, this property was built on the classic sponsorship model. However, the closer you look the more you realise sponsorship is dead.

300 Seconds Talk

On the 18th March I got to do my first public talk on digital (not for work related activities). 300 Seconds is a series of events for the digital community - in this case Brighton - primarily focussed on Women in Digital and encouraging girls to get up and talk. Rather than focus on a... Continue Reading →


One of my site visitors reminded me that I should be relying on my writing not just sharing other people's content and to get cracking on my blog again, and I agree. The blog to date has been a tool and a 'penseive' (to use Harry Potter terminology) throughout my MSc and dissertation research. However,... Continue Reading →

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