Rebel vs. Challenger

The word rebel typically has negative connotations. The dictionary states that a rebel is: "a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader." However, this word is often used to 'fondly' describe the antics of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others who didn't follow convention and are now reaping... Continue Reading →


300 Seconds Talk

On the 18th March I got to do my first public talk on digital (not for work related activities). 300 Seconds is a series of events for the digital community - in this case Brighton - primarily focussed on Women in Digital and encouraging girls to get up and talk. Rather than focus on a... Continue Reading →

Singing off the Same Hymn Sheet

This has come up in conversation so many times in my career and I feel warrants some airing online. The number of companies who are built on a patchwork of technical solutions, where it is not uncommon to find one employee working on one system and another employee down the hall on another. This is... Continue Reading →

Web Portfolio and Innovation Specialist at EDF

I have just completed my first week as EDF Energy's web portfolio and innovation specialist.What a revelation and what an opportunity. This is the first company I have worked for that pro-actively sets out to empower their employees through responsibility and self-action. Many companies I have worked in claim to take this innovative management approach,... Continue Reading →

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