Imagination over Innovation

In the world of business, the word repeated in every meeting, discussion and proposal which continues to be grossly misused and overused is innovation. When did we get such a fixation on this little word, what does it really mean and what are we focussing on to realise innovation? "Innovate (1) make changes in something... Continue Reading →

My Interview for MULTIPLY Global Ltd

Article originally published:  By Kristina Johnson, August 2019 In the bustling shopping district of The Lanes in Brighton, I met with Natasha Allden outside a little café to find out a bit more about her and MULTIPLY. As the new Head of Marketing, I was keen to explore the culture and approach of the... Continue Reading →

Rebel vs. Challenger

The word rebel typically has negative connotations. The dictionary states that a rebel is: "a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader." However, this word is often used to 'fondly' describe the antics of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others who didn't follow convention and are now reaping... Continue Reading →

The Battle for London: Uber vs. TFL

On the 30th September Uber launched a petition asking TFL to reject proposals to crack-down on the service. This is a fascinating battle-ground; innovative services disrupting the market-place vs. (perceived) risk of Uber monopolising and removing a competitive market-place. Let's look back at the great disruptions of industry that have transformed how we live and what we... Continue Reading →

CERN Matters

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research is a light for the rest of us. I am not talking just about it's ultimate goal of understanding the beginning of the universe, I'm talking about a way of thinking, a way of working, a way of really leading change and innovation. The same applies to NASA,... Continue Reading →

Cross Industry Thinking

When did our industry, our office, our department or even our team become the one voice of truth? When did we decide that we were the only people who really knew what our customers wanted from their digital experience? Well from what I have seen repeated like a broken record is that this has always... Continue Reading →

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