Online Recruitment: A New World: Final Points

This is the final blog giving a glimpse into Online Recruitment: A New World. Personally, the book has given me more than I could have set out to achieve. From confidence to being able to not just have a vision but to communicate it. What I have found interesting about doing this post is that these... Continue Reading →

Online Recruitment: A New World: Part 3

This post is an overview of Part 3: The Implementation, Chapters 9 to 11 from Online Recruitment: A New World. As we continue to highlight the depth and breadth of online recruitment. It would be great to hear your comments and if you’d like me to write a post about any particular area in more depth let... Continue Reading →

Online Recruitment: A New World

So I have written a book. In fact it was published (through the magic of print-on-demand) in February this year, so it's about time I told you a bit about it. Online Recruitment: A New World was a 'by-product' of the Masters and subsequent academic paper. Naively I thought I could  just pull the existing... Continue Reading →


One of my site visitors reminded me that I should be relying on my writing not just sharing other people's content and to get cracking on my blog again, and I agree. The blog to date has been a tool and a 'penseive' (to use Harry Potter terminology) throughout my MSc and dissertation research. However,... Continue Reading →

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