A Revisit of TEDx Brighton: How Not to Die

A great one for the New Year - our revisit of one of my favourite talks from TEDx Brighton came from Andy Torbet. Don't be deceived by the black and white title of 'How Not to Die' his talk is a truly inspirational examination of risk and the management of it as discussed in my November... Continue Reading →

TedX Brighton 2015: Risk Management Paratrooper Style

Andy Torbet ex-British Services Paratrooper, bomb disposal officer (above and under-water), zoologist, diver, climber, skydiver, caver. Not your normal 9-5 office colleague so how was he going to translate the extreme to the everyday? I've spent a third of my career working in regulated industries. These behemoths of industry have one thing in common, as... Continue Reading →

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