Online Recruitment: A New World: Final Points

This is the final blog giving a glimpse into Online Recruitment: A New World. Personally, the book has given me more than I could have set out to achieve. From confidence to being able to not just have a vision but to communicate it. What I have found interesting about doing this post is that these... Continue Reading →

Social Media Week, London – Business Blogging

I had the chance to go to London on Friday (11th Feb) to attend a couple of the Social Media Week (twitter: smwldn) events held across the city. Business Blogging at TalkTalk Communications centre was a great way to get the grey matter moving in the morning. Although it re-iterated what was common understanding of... Continue Reading →

Facebook Messaging

Zuckerberg's press conference to excitedly inform the world of the new Facebook Messaging coming our way has created a lot of buzz, unsurprisingly. The 'kill gmail' band-wagon, wherever it started, seemed a little unjustified, possibly got to a better solution quicker than Google might be more accurate. With the plethora of communication we send out... Continue Reading →

Network Effects Online

Metcalfe's law where the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of other networks is a key theory that demonstrates the network effect. Online this model is still applicable as it was for AT&T and the fax machine, however the network effect online brings in another dimension - social and... Continue Reading →

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